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Cosmopolitan Patriots

Our vineyards are ›Stradener Rosenberg‹, ›Buch‹ (photo above is from that particular vineyard and wine cellar), ›Steintal‹ and ›Altes Steinkreuz‹. The widest range of soils, from chalky to volcanic, gives us the freedom to cultivate each individual grape under the best possible conditions – a luxury we truly appreciate. Resulting in cosmopolitan, endearing and truly compelling patriots.

Ried Buch
Große STK-Ried » Grand Cru STK

A big, open 6 ha clearing, the Buch is an individual vineyard protected on three sides by mixed forest. Here, south- and southwest-facing vineyards are rooted in basalt-rich volcanic soil at elevations from 300 to 360 m, producing the very best of our wine selection. 
As ambassadors of this very special vineyard, our Weissburgunders, Morillons and Sauvignon blancs represent the terroir authentically and expressively. These wines are distinguished by longevity and a warm, quiet radiance.
Typicity: Calm style, long-lasting, spicy minerality

Stradener Rosenberg
1. STK-Ried » Premier Cru STK

Like Ried Buch, our Ried Stradener Rosenberg is a southern extent of the Stradnerkogel, the highest mountain of the Vulkanland region. Here, in a southern exposure, we find our oldest vineyards; the vines of our Grauburgunder Ried Stradener Rosenberg. 
At elevations up to 475 m, the grapes mature somewhat more slowly and experience cooler nights, favorable to fruitiness and development of acidity. Chalky soils with tertiary sedimentation and volcanic intrusions give our Traminer and Sauvignon blanc varieties their structure and minerally note.
Typicity: Elegant style, fine fruit, salty minerality

STK-Ried »STK vineyard

The steep southern hillside rises to the historic town center of Straden at an elevation of 360 m, well-protected due to its basin location. Our Blauer Zweigelt »Alte Post« and Sauvignon blanc Ried Steintal originate in this rocky, slightly chalky soil with fine tertiary sedimentation.
Typicity: Mature, balanced wines, fine minerality

Altes Steinkreuz
STK-Ried »STK vineyard

Our youngest vineyard enjoys an eastern exposure at 400 m on the Stradner Kogel, part of the Trans-Danubian volcanic range and one of the highest elevations in Southeastern Styria (609 m above sea level). On 3.5 ha, we cultivate Weissburgunder and Sauvignon blanc grapes. 
TYPICITY: Fresh style, balanced, spicy-cool minerality