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T. 0043 / (0)3473 / 71 37
M. 0043 / (0)676 / 60 36 911

GPS: N 46º 48' 40" // O 15º 53' 25"
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Monday through Saturday:
9 to 12 o'clock and 13 to 18 o'clock
and by arrangement



Twice a year we send out current information and price lists by post, a maximum of four times a year we send out a newsletter in german language by e-mail informing you about current events. If you would like to be included, please provide us here with your contact details, which we will of course treat confidentially and will never pass on without your request or consent (see data protection).

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Press downloads

Here you will find logos and photographic materials in print-quality resolution for editorial purposes. Please cite the name of the photographer in question as shown in the file name. 
Should you require further photographs for special projects or reports, please contact:

KHS Text- & Layoutbüro
Karin-Hauenstein-Schnurrer // office at // +43 (0)664-2337310 //


    Name asc Typ Größe Datum Beschreibung
download basaltstein_creditmoodley.jpg  jpg 2.4 MB 01-10-2019
download flaschenreihe_ortsweine_st...  png 6.2 MB 29-04-2020
download flaschenreihe_ried_buch_we...  png 6.3 MB 29-04-2020
download flaschenreihe_steiermark.png  png 13.6 MB 29-04-2020
download flaschenreihe_steiermark_r...  png 21.0 MB 29-04-2020
download flaschenreihe_steiermark_w...  png 14.0 MB 29-04-2020
download flaschenreihe_stradener_ro...  png 6.3 MB 29-04-2020
download flaschenreihe_vulkanland_s...  png 13.3 MB 29-04-2020
download flasche_creditnareng.jpg  jpg 2.9 MB 01-10-2019
download lili_rose.jpg  jpg 16.8 MB 28-04-2020
download morillon_buch_creditnareng.png  png 3.5 MB 01-10-2019
download petrawalter__creditmoodley.jpg  jpg 1.1 MB 01-10-2019
download petra_walter_riedbuch_cred...  jpg 2.2 MB 01-10-2019
download riedbuch_creditflor_medium.jpg  jpg 6.4 MB 01-10-2019
download riedsteintal_creditflor.jpg  jpg 2.3 MB 01-10-2019
download ried_steintal_sauvignon_bl...  png 5.4 MB 29-04-2020
download rosenberg_creditnareng.jpg  jpg 4.6 MB 02-10-2019
download rose_frauwallner.pdf  pdf 41.7 KB 25-06-2020
download sortiment_frauwallner_2020.jpg  jpg 5.5 MB 25-06-2020
download stradenerrosenberg_creditm...  jpg 1.2 MB 01-10-2019
download walterfrauwallner2_creditm...  jpg 805.8 KB 01-10-2019
download walter_frauwallner_keller_...  jpg 421.8 KB 01-10-2019
download wortbildmarke_fond.eps  eps 238.0 KB 01-10-2019
download wortbildmarke_fond.pdf  pdf 25.1 KB 01-10-2019
download wortbildmarke_sw.eps  eps 237.2 KB 01-10-2019
download wortmarke_frauwallner.pdf  pdf 12.3 KB 01-10-2019
download x-etikett_blauer_zweigelt_...  pdf 41.8 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_cuvee_rot_heimsp...  pdf 46.8 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_gelber_muskatell...  pdf 42.1 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_grauburgunder_st...  pdf 44.0 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_gruenweiss_steie...  pdf 41.9 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_morillon_straden.pdf  pdf 48.9 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_morillon_vulkanl...  pdf 42.0 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_muscaris_steierm...  pdf 41.5 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_ried_buch_morill...  pdf 44.1 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_ried_buch_sauvig...  pdf 44.3 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_ried_rosenberg_g...  pdf 44.6 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_ried_rosenberg_s...  pdf 44.6 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_ried_rosenberg_t...  pdf 44.4 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_ried_steintal_sa...  pdf 44.3 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_ried_steintal_zw...  pdf 46.6 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_rose_steiermark.pdf  pdf 41.7 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_saemling_steierm...  pdf 41.8 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_sauvignon_blanc_...  pdf 44.0 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_sauvignon_blanc_...  pdf 42.2 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_souvignier_gris_...  pdf 41.7 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_steirischer_junk...  pdf 87.1 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_straden_privat_s...  pdf 44.3 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_weissburgunder_s...  pdf 44.0 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_weissburgunder_v...  pdf 42.2 KB 25-06-2020
download x-etikett_welschriesling_v...  pdf 42.1 KB 25-06-2020
download x_etikett_ried_buch_blauer...  pdf 41.8 KB 25-06-2020

8345 Straden, Karbach 7
T. 0043 / (0)3473 / 71 37;
M. 0043 / (0)676 / 60 36 911

Managing Director: Walter Frauwallner

Sales Tax ID: ATU6673927 
FN 368119b 
Jurisdiction: Graz Commercial Court

Styria Chamber of Commerce

Cultivation of wine- and table grapes


Text & Editing: 
KHS Layout- & Textbüro,

Technical realization
and programming:

Michael Königshofer für Moodley:
Nareng Design:
Gerald Flor:
Thomas Luef:
Familie Frauwallner


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