100% Vulkanland Steiermark (Volcano land Styria) is our unchanging ideology. And the highest quality of wine with a lot of character and clear origin is our claim, which we will always remain faithful to. 
The Falstaff Ultimate Wine Guide describes the wine region Vulkanland Styria as follows: extract from the wine guide

Since 2017 a new logo is working for us
In recent years, we have grown in our quality thinking and our products grew with us. This is a development that is now reflected outwards.
The sun with the wreath of leaves and our initial symbolizes our appreciation of nature and the natural cycle. The integrated location data in the logo underscores the exclusive production of the wines of the region, our grapes are 100% from the region Vulkanland Steiermark. The wine label as such reflects exactly the refinement of a quality natural product (grapes / wine): high - quality
ecologically produced natural paper, enhanced by passion, elegance and a clear vision.

Best regards, Family Frauwallner

We are very pleased about the award: WINERY OF THE YEAR 2017


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