Walter and Petra Frauwallner are responsible for the winery, with the whole family standing behind them and supporting them.

Walter: "In 2016 my wife Petra and I took over a healthy winery from my parents Emmi and Willi, which we are very grateful for." 
60 years ago, Walter's grandparents and farmers Hilda (photo right) and Josef Ruckenstuhl have begun winemaking for the self-sufficiency.

Since taking over the winery in 2002 (at age 21), the mixed farming enterprise has developed into an award-winning winery. The vineyard and cellar masters are pleased; totally free from airs.
GOALS & VALUES: Producing top wines and a lot of drinking pleasure every year

As a cross-border worker in the winery, Petra (graduate nurse and mother of the common sons Felix and Fabian) supports her husband Walter in the company, especially in sales and in the office. Her love for wine has grown with the partnership and the activity in the winery for years. In 2015 she passed the examination for Sommelier Austria with very good success.
GOALS & VALUES: enjoyment in every doing I the family well and truly
Independence and autonomy

Many years Emmi was the first contact in the winery an very popular with the customers. Her fun-loving nature, as well as her excellent wine evaluation skills are still appreciated.
GOALS & VALUES: Healthcare & vitality I good family atmosphere I support the family at work in the winery

Willi has as family managing director a calming and yet inspiring influence on the implementation of new ideas in the vineyard, cellar and stores. His spirits have been awarded several times.
GOALS & VALUES: life quality through "calmness in any situation"
and economic optimization of the enterprise

 Walter's older brother runs the Golfrestaurant in Bad Waltersdorfand supports the winery occasionally at presentations. As a trained sommelier and wine enthusiast, he is an all-rounder in wine matters and enjoys tasting the wines of his family.

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