Best of Styria

Since 6.11.2018, our winery is a member of the „Styrian Terroir and Klassikweingüter“ (STK) - one of the most important groups of the Austrian wine scene. It is our honor and our mission to be selected by this forward thinking and sustainable wine cooperative. 

Ten years ago the winegrowers’ association Steirische Terroir- & Klassikweingüter (STK) began to undertake the classification of their vineyards. Within a decade, these ten estates (Gross, Lackner-Tinnacher, Neumeister, Maitz, Polz, E. Sabathi, H. Sabathi, Sattlerhof, Tement and Winkler-Hermaden) have brought about a massive sea change in the self-concept of Styrian wine, thanks to their stringent regulations concerning quality and expression of origins.

They are definitely not easy on themselves and have committed to always meet the highest criteria when working in their vineyards and their wine cellars. These criteria and values have been constantly developed over the last 30 years. And apart from long discussions and some self-criticism, the vintners also learn a lot from and with each other. Always with the same goal: making the best wines.



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