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"(...) Walter Frauwallner is both: top wine producer and yet still an insider tip. His current wine series can be described as truly ingenious, especially the vineyards Ried Buch stand out from the grand series - whether Sauvignon blanc or the Traminer from the Ried Stradner Rosenberg with its floral finesse."  DOWNLOAD REPORTAGE

"(...) no other winery can refer to quality improvements similar to those of Walter Frauwallner".
"Walter Frauwallner helps his wines to far more than attention and admiration - he gives them an aura and knights the wine region Vulkanland Steiermark."  DOWNLOAD REPORTAGE

"They conjure up the wine region Vulkanland Steiermark into the bottle. The winery of Walter and Petra Frauwallner is currently awarding gold and top spots for its wines in the weekly act." DOWNLOAD REPORTAGE

"Only those who change will remain faithful," said the lyricist Wolf Biermann. According to the quotation, the Frauwallner Estate from Straden last year made a very successful relaunch of the company. (...) Even if the year 2016 was anything but optimistic (especially late frosts in April), the quality of the wines has reached a new stage." DOWNLOAD REPORTAGE

"Even from the difficult year of 2014, Frauwallner gets very fine single site wines - for which he has read the berries quasi with the tweezers.
It was a lot easier to make a great wine like the Sauvignon blanc "Privat" in 2013. It has been fermented and aged in barriques - but fortunately not exclusively for Frauwallner's private consumption. Would be a pity, because this is really great stuff. Enormously spicy and intense in the scent with a mixture of quite discreet, smoky wood aromas, ripe fruit and deep minerality. It makes powerful pressure on the palate and does not want to leave at all. "

Just like their maker, the wines of Wein­gut Frauwallner speak a clear and hon­est language. The grapes stem 100 percent true joy to taste this series of wines - a potpour­ri of unique characters, each with pronounced regional typicity and an inimitable signature. "There should be plenty of expression in the glass and the terroir should be clearly recog­nisable without ever losing ease of enjoyment," summarises Walter Frauwallner. And in­deed he does achieve this quite impressively in three series of wines. The traditional varietal wines appear under "Vulkanland Steiermark" and are fermented in stainless steel and prove to be cheerful, easy drinking wines. The sin­gle-vineyard wines from the calcareous Ried Stradner Rosenberg and Ried Steintal or from the mineral-rich Ried Buch exhibit great depth and finesse. Those seeking to discover the true taste of the Vulkanland Steiermark can simply not ignore this producer. His Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), Morillon (Chardonnay), Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer have established a firm place on the domestic market among the top wines of the region. Manual vineyard work, which includes meticulous canopy manage­ment, yield restriction and selective harvesting of grape berries, is obligatory for this vintner. Patience and time are the virtues of his vinifi­cation philosophy. The vinification facility is practically oriented and without pomp and cir­cumstance, an exciting assortment of wines is produced. The wines can be tasted at the win­ery's shop in Karbach. 

Find here an informative article about the wine area Vulcano Land / Vulkanland with unique soils and Illyrian climate yield wines of inimitable spice and mineral character.  download


VINARIA WEINGUIDE (Note on the classic series) 
The 'f' in the Klassik series stands for fine and finesse," fun " or " finished " would be more possibilities of interpretation, because the wines offer unlimited drinking pleasure  from the start. (...) The Pinot Gris from neutral wood marks the top wine
of the classic line. "

FALSTAFF Wineguide
"Although he could certainly still be called a young vintner , Walter Frauwallner has gained much respect over the past several years and is now considered a pioneer among his colleagues. Frauwallner has sucessfully positioned the family estate among the top producers in Styrian Volcano Land." Read more: download

WEIN.PUR „Best of austria 2013”
"Walter Frauwallner works out every single wine. Whether classic wine or
single-vineyardwine. Each vintage is treated separately. Therefore, all wines
have a special touch "

"From a Shooting Star to a constant size (...) drinking pleasure with the classical wines, character and depth with the single-vineyardwines: these are the two
worlds of wine in the house Frauwallner"

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"The 'f' in the Klassik series stands for fine-fruity-fun — especially for the Welschriesling, Scheurebe and Riesling this year, which have emerged with a distinct spice that sets these wines apart in the loveliest way. Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon and Chardonnay (Morillon) are transcend grapes, fun from the moment they're bottled yet more than ready to be laid down for a few years as well. (...) The highlight of the current list is the Trockenbeerenauslese of grapes from the Pinot family and Traminer, a blend as elegant as it is smooth."

WEIN.PUR „Best of austria 2012”

"From year to year the quality of the wines continues to improve, despite the inherent fluctuations between one vintage and the next. We're already eagerly awaiting next year".


"The joys of Burgundy in southeast Styria. We've known Walter Frauwallner as one of the best producers of Blauer Wildbacher for some time now. He's now discovered a new passion for Pinot Blanc, and everyone wins. Tremendous wines that are certain to crown plenty of joyous occasions".

Justification of  the guide: "Walter Frauwallner, just 27 years young, does not necessarily consider himself a trendsetter. Why he raves about Burgunders and continues to expose them, while others devote themselves to the Sauvignons and Mukatellers. But southeastern Styria with its climate, which is located somewhere between the cooler southern Styria and the hotter Burgenland, and the wonderful weathered volcanic soils would facilitate the uniqueness of the Burgunder. 'Maturity, wealth yet fruit, it's just so attractive. "(...) The 2006 Eruption by Walter Frauwallner reflects both the mineral sensation of southeastern Styrian soils and the impact of the mature age group, as well as the cellar-technical talent of Frauwallner."

"Styrian of the day. He has the finest droplets: Walter Frauwallner (27) was appointed as the first Styrian to "Gault Millau wine talent." (...) For his Morillon “Eruption 2007” the only 27-year-old was appointed as the "Gault-Millau Wine Talent 2009", which is virtually the accolade for any young Austrian winemaker. The award of the Austrian gourmet critics around editor Karl Hohenlohe came as a complete surprise. "You wouldn’t expect that, there are so many good winemakers. We have only been tested twice", he says. What is his secret? “The love for wine. I live for my work", said the young winemaking king."

The award by the Gault Millau has been widely recognized by the media. Thank you!


"The red wines of the young graduates of the School of Viticulture Silberberg have moved increasingly into the spotlight. Desirable plants are the Blaue Wildbacher and the red Cuvée Eruption of Buch (…)”

"At the winery Frauwallner I enjoy the whole range."

"The address "Karbach 7 "is no longer a secret for wine connoisseurs."

"Her son Walter is the shooting star among the young winemakers in eastern Styria and year by year he gets closer to the explicitly high quality requirements of the Stradener local grande Albert Neumeister. A success that has been influenced by mother "Emmi" "

Our "Blue Wildbacher" vinified to red wine received particular attention in 2005/2006. In media such as Bildpost, Kleine Zeitung, Kronenzeitung, News, Weinzeit and VIA Airportjournal.

"New names: The young Walter Frauwallner from Straden has recently made an impression with his Schilcher and also his Grauburgunder."

"Walter Frauwallner is not like many other young winemakers. His goal is not the ideal world in the wine glass, but the development of unmistakable (and at least for the near future) affordable wines. "

Wine tip."In two years barrel tamed and yet passionate: This is how the “Blaue Wildbacher” of the winery Frauwallner presents itself."

Winery of the month. (...) "However, Walter Frauwallner appears to have a particular close relationship to the vine, when he talks about a "patient and trustful cooperation between wine and winemaker" or the Blaue Wildbacher that he coaxes as a highly remarkable red wine, and describes as a "very hardheaded companion." Which surely doesn’t help, yet it is just equally brilliantly tamed in the modern cellar of Frauwallner as the other varieties from Welschriesling over Morillon to Blauer Zweigelt. This is not surprising, because neither the vineyard nor the cellar is left to chance. "

"Three generations that work hand in hand and a young winemaker who passionately directs in the cellar: At Frauwallner, it is this mixture that leads to particularly delicate wines."

"Maybe it's the nature of things that a young passionate winemaker is particularly skilled at vinification of the Styrian Junkers (...) In recent years, the estate of Frauwallner has accomplished outstanding results. In 2002, at the Falstaff Junker he placed second, right behind the top winemaker Manfred Tement. At the VIA Junker tasting the 2003 vintage was declared the winner. "

In 2003, GOURMET CRITIC and GASTROSOPHER CHRISTOPH WAGNER was one of the first national magazine journalists who reported in the Gusto magazine about our winery. Since Walter had taken over the vineyard a year ago and developed the mixed company into a major business, this "first great press voice" gave us a particular motivation. Professor Wagner showed loyalty through regular visits and reports in many media until his early death (2010) and we like to think back to him.

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