Since 6.11.2018, our winery is a member of the „Styrian Terroir and Klassikweingüter“ (STK) - one of the most important groups of the Austrian wine scene. It is our honor and our mission, that we have been selected by this forward thinking and sustainable wine cooperative. Together with the Wohlmuth Estate we have achieved unanimous acceptance into the circle of the STK. Erwin Sabathi comments: ‘We see this expansion as a great enrichment and look forward to the cooperation and the new input’.

Steiermark DAC
The Steiermark recently unveiled its DAC regulations. The STK winegrowers were intimately involved with the development of the regulations of origin, bringing much helpful experience to the process. ‘The DAC guidelines furnish a basis for the vineyard classification being applied in the future to the entire Steiermark’, explains Katharina Tinnacher. ‘We want to ensure that the classification is open to all wine producers and that it is made solid from the legal standpoint. The goal is that of achieving higher market positioning for the entire Steiermark; we see ourselves as the pioneers and heralds’.


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