With solid craftsmanship and fine-tuned winemaking technology quality gets from the vineyard  into the bottle.

The development of outstanding character wines is yet a more difficult matter: A lot of craftsmanship, experience, confidence, and time for intensive storage on the lees, are indispensable. With our cellar that was built in 2008, amid the location Buch, we have won more room for steel tanks and oak barrels (1,800 liters and 300 liters), and thus "more space for time".

Also we can carry out our fundamental work with even more quality.  Short distances from the vine to the cellar facilitate a rapid processing of the grapes. Up to press replaces the natural gravity replaces the use of pumps, which promotes the quality of our classical and vineyard wines. Eventually, the result of our work is supposed to be sheer enjoyment independently whether drinkable classic or profound patriot. 

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